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Eliminator Antennas Work with West Mountain Target Tuner
West Mountain Radio offers the best of both worlds, a position turns counter and a SWR based auto-tuner. This tuner remembers the frequency as well as the antenna position for 30 of your favorite nets. We have used one of these tuners for the past several years without any issues!
New Loading Coil for the 160 Meter Band
The newest product in the catalog is a 160 Meter accessory for the Eliminator Antenna and other screwdriver type antennas. It converts the 20 Meter to 80 Meter tuning range into full 160 Meter band coverage . It can be used on most screwdriver type antennas. For pictures. complete information and buying information, click on the link.
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Product Offering Reduction
We have reduced the number of Eliminator Antenna model offerings for 2017. The extended 10-160 range model proved to be too difficult to reproduce optimum resonance position tune settings in service. Our 160 Meter Loading Coil product will spread the entire 1800 KHz - 2000 KHz frequency range over the entire exposed coil length for any screwdriver antenna model and is our preferred replacement.

We have also discontinued the model without the turns counter magnetic switches. As of 9/27/2016 we had one left in stock. The 2016 catalog price for this model was $295.00. Please send an email to 'sales@eliminatorantennas.com' if interested in this last item. Most customers prefer using the standard magnetic switch model because it does not require a direct view of the antenna to QSY while in QSO. This antenna is compatible with the Ameritron / Tarheel antenna turns preset type of screwdriver controller. We still include a pre-wired 'two pole center-off' switch with all of our antennas if you have not purchased a controller.