The size of the Copper Eliminator Antenna from the base is 60" extended, 44" retracted and 47.25" to the top of the 'stinger stud".

In the USA, the maximum height for highway operation is 13' 6" because of low bridges. The standard copper antenna will cover the US 10 Meter through 80 Meter bands when a 56" whip is used and still be within this limit.

We use the 'spider' style of 'top hat' with a shorter whip on our motorhome and truck. It gives us better low frequency HF band coverage. The tophat is removed for 10 Meter operation. It is always a tradeoff of tuning range vs. the 13' 6" bridge height limit.

The maximum power output that we have used is 100 W. Some of our users have reported good mobile results at 500 Watts, but they are very careful when tuning their antenna.
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