Everything will be shipped from Zipcode 45806. The Million-Mile Antenna weighs 12 Lbs. Paypal payment is preferred, but Money Orders, International Money Orders and checks drawn on US bank funds are accepted with shipment delayed for about 2 weeks while funds clear.

Shipping will be by USPS Priority Mail. Next Day Shipping is available when using Paypal or Money Orders.

The Eliminator Antenna is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months.

This is a 'no haggle' agreement. If it fails during the first six months of ownership due to a manufacturing defect, ship the antenna back to us and we will rebuild it and send it back to you. No charge, no questions asked. If you hit something with the antenna (trees, garage door openings, etc.), we will repair it and just charge you for the broken parts. We will repair the antenna after this warranty expires on a 'Time and Material' basis. Some of the components are custom fitted and clearances are very tight in order to keep the internal moving parts clean. It is recommended that the broken antenna gets returned to the factory for rebuilding and update, but we will just charge for the parts and shipping if you want to attempt the repair yourself.

Please contact the factory for an RMA number and we will send a cost estimate to repair your Eliminator Antenna.