The Eliminator Antenna prototype lasted for over 950,000 miles of OTR trucking. This antenna is still functional, but has been replaced with one of the newer Copper models in our HF mobile setup..

These antennas use a spacer that supports the loading coil where it meets the fingerstock to eliminate windloading stress at the loading coil connection. Receive noise due to contact vibration has been totally 'eliminated'. Give a shake to one of our competitors product, listen for "loose parts". Any loss of the fingerstock connection to the loading coil will produce receiver noise. Some operators tune their antenna while maximizing their receiver noise level. The lack of contact bounce will make tuning the Eliminator Antenna much easier.

All fasteners used are either Brass or Stainless Steel. We want your antenna to look good and perform well for a long time.

All RF related components are enclosed and weather proofed. A SO-239 coax connection is provided for the radio and a MOLEX connector is used for the motor positioner. The impedance matching transformer is inside the enclosed antenna base. An Acrylic weathershield covers the exposed portion of the loading coil over the entire 3-30 MHz frequency range.

Each end of the loading coil is anchored in several places. Our loading coil is designed to never get loose and snag the fingerstock collar

All of our antennas use a Copper tube and have loading coils wound at 10 turns per inch of travel. Copper provides greater radiation efficiency than Aluminum and looks great!