West Mountain Radio TARGETuner Features

TARGETuner Mobile Antenna Management System provides a controller with intelligent automatic controls for the tunable mobile screwdriver antenna, and a Remote RF Module. The Remote RF Module has an internal frequency counter and is used to store the operating frequency along with the antenna position turns counter reading in the tuner memory. There is also an optional cable available that enables a direct link from the radio VFO to the TARGETuner.
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Standard Features

The controller continuous monitors the Forward and Reverse Power Ratio (SWR) of the antenna system and continually adjusts the tuning to provide the best antenna efficiency at the transmitter operating frequency. A PWM speed control for the antenna motor with Motor Current and Antenna Position Feedback Motor control direction relative to transmitter frequency and SWR tuning to automatically seek a minimum SWR reading. Manual controls also offer the user the ability to adjust the antenna tuning manually, and store new data points for new and favorite frequencies. This unit is intended to be mounted close to the Radio inline with the antenna feed.
TARGETuner Controller Unit

The control unit is an intelligent, microprocessor based, data and Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Motor Controller that monitors the transmitter frequency and antenna performance, while managing the antenna motor speed and tuning accordingly.

The Auto-detect function moves the antenna position through it's range to generate the antenna tuning table. The tuner samples, stores and recalls optimum antenna tuning location data based on transmitter frequency and best SWR.