Eliminator 160 Meter Accessory

The Eliminator Antenna (and most others) will operate the entire 160 Meter amateur band with the addition of this loading coil. With the loading coil addition, the 20M to 80M operating range is converted into 2000 KHz. -> 1800 KHz. Since the stinger length is very critical to achieve entire band coverage, a 62" to 65" whip is recommended.
The 160 Meter Coil shown on top of VK3ICE's HI-Q Antenna and a close-up picture that shows the construction details.

We have sold these 160M loading coils worldwide and we have received feedback that they have been used successfully on Tarheel, HI-Q, High Sierra and our own Eliminator mobile antennas. The 3/8"- 24 tpi. mounting hardware is all brass for a good electrical connection to the top of your existing mobile antenna. The coil form is grey electrical conduit PVC for sunlight resistance.
We always keep a few of these loading coils in stock and are ready for immediate shipment. Because of the high cost of shipping a 65" whip, it is a better idea to find one locally. A good place to look for suitable antenna whips is in truckstop trash barrels. If your existing screwdriver top whip is close to our specification, it should work OK.

The cost of the 160M loading coil is $65.00 and includes priority shipping to any location in the USA. Please contact our sales department for shipping cost to Canada or other destinations.