Mounting Brackets
Pickup truck mounting brackets can be ordered in either 'Hot' or grounded configurations. Please specify your preference when ordering.

Notice the insulator at the base of the hot bracket in the right photo. The antenna can be mounted on most pickup bumpers and still allow the tailgate to open. A couple of screws and a good ground is all that is needed for a metal truck bumper.
Top Hats
We offer a 'spider' style capacitive tophat for the past couple of years. It allows a shorter overall antenna height on the lower frequencies. This design shows much lower wind drag than the solid disk design that we used for nearly a million miles of OTR trucking.

The spokes are made from 3/16" stainless rod that is threaded into a brass collar that screws into the top of the Eliminator loading coil.

A capacitive 'top hat' is normally required on a semi to meet the 13'6" height limit for 75/80 Meter operation. The spider arrangement is preferred for lower wind resistance.